Monthly Archives: May 2016

Getting Ready to Sail: Stowing for Sea

Before we could leave for our weekend getaway we had to set into motion a series of preparations mariners refer to as “stowing for sea.” Anytime a boat sits at a dock or mooring for a period of time things tend to accumulate in places that are only viable when the boat sits perfectly level. As you sail, or pitch and roll, items that are not securely stowed will fall off shelves, roll across countertops, fly out of cabinets…create a mess. “A place for everything and everything in it’s place,” has never rung more true than aboard a moving boat.

Five Reasons You Might Be A Thalassophile

I know what you are thinking, so I’ll cut right to the chase: A thalassophile is a lover of the sea. There are people who enjoy the ocean, and then there are those of us who love it, and need it. Whether we depend on it for happiness, relaxation, a livelihood, a home, or for nourishment, some people simply must be near the sea.

I’m Lucky to be Obsessed

We all have a passion, an obsession – something that stokes the soul’s fire. Some turn to classic cars, some to gardening. Painting, bicycling, hiking, hunting…we all have something that we think about when we close our eyes. For me, it’s boats. Operating them, fixing them, improving them, looking at them, building them, writing about them…I love it all. I’ve never regretted a day spent around boats.